Wisdom Apex Auhlavez
Unit No. 7207
Data ID 760247
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender female Female
Rarity Phantom icon Dream
Max Lv. 150
Cost 50
Arena Type 2
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 12
BB 18 28Battle crystal icon
SBB 21 31Battle crystal icon
(59Battle crystal icon total)
UBB 32 32Battle crystal icon
Drop Check/Modifier
Normal 48Icon dc(4Icon dc/hit)
BB 18Icon dc(1Icon dc) 370%
SBB 21Icon dc(1Icon dc) 300% [HP%]
UBB 32Icon dc(1Icon dc) 1500%

Unit ills thum 760247
Unit ills full 760247

Unit ills anime 760247

"Let’s explore the Rift together, Summoner."

"Give me more books to read! I want to know everything."

Animation Gallery

Unit Lore:
Despite her talent in combat, the gentle sorceress preferred to spend her time in the library rather than in the battlefield. Auhlavez was an erudite who had a thirst for knowledge and gladly joined the Academy of Explorers. It was in this place that she met the famous Sedrac, the one who had managed to convince the sages of the Mirror world of the need to study the Rift, for the first time. The two intellectuals often discussed their respective expeditions with each other, until the day when Auhlavez didn’t return. The Rift had taken from Sedrac not only his lifelong friend Llewxam but also his esteemed colleague. If some event would’ve prevented this disastrous fate, Sedrac and Auhlavez could’ve found clues about the disappearance of the Mirror world’s heroine. Their knowledge of the Rift would have been such that they could have traveled together without risk in order to constantly search further.
Base 6,805 2,469 2,385 2,222
Lord 8,302 3,012 2,910 2,711
Anima 9,427 3,012 2,910 2,411
Breaker 8,302 3,312 2,610 2,711
Guardian 8,302 2,712 3,210 2,711
Oracle 7,852 3,012 2,910 3,001
Rex 9,427 3,312 3,210 3,001
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 1,500
Unit ills thum 10452 600
Unit ills thum 20442 600
Unit ills thum 30432 600
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Leader Skill: Angelic Wisdom
Boosts HP (60%) and ATK, DEF, REC relative to remaining HP (0-40%) & damage taken boosts BB gauge (4-7 BC) and may restore HP (50% chance heal 25% damage) & negates ATK, DEF, REC reduction effects
Extra Skill: Reflected Dreams
If an Apex sphere is equipped, boosts all parameters (30% and 10% all), damage reduction (10%), adds chance of raising allies from KO (10%) to BB/SBB
Brave Burst: Divine Doom
18 combo Dark attack on all foes & probable 1 turn Atk, Def reduction & probable random status ailment infliction & damage taken boosts BB gauge (4-7 BC) may restore HP (25% chance heal 30% damage) for 3 turns
Super BB: Mystical Teachings
21 combo Dark attack on all foes (damage based on remaining HP) & probable 1 turn Atk, Def reduction & adds probable status ailment infliction to attack for 3 turns & boosts damage against status afflicted foes (160%) for 3 turns
300% + 900% x [current HP / base max HP]
Ultimate BB: Life and Death
32 combo Dark attack on all foes (damage based on remaining HP) & boosts damage against status afflicted foes (400%) and damage taken boosts BB gauge (50 BC) for 3 turns & adds chance to resist 1 KO attack (80%) & raises allies from KO (100% chance)
1500% + 1000% x [current HP / base max HP]
Hidden buff value(s) is/are based on unit's max levelled BB/SBB (10).
Value(s) may be lower if the level is not at max.
Frame Data (click to view)
Animation Frame Data
Move Idle Attack
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed
Speed Type [[Category:Units with Movement Speed Type on Normal Attack|]] [[Category:Units with Movement Speed Type on Skill|]]
Move Type n/a n/a
Effect Delay
Normal Attack
Distribution (%)

Category SP Required Skill Description
Parameter Boost 20 Boosts all parameters (30%)
Spark 20 Boosts Spark damage (100%)
Brave Burst 10 Damage taken boosts BB gauge (2-3 BC)
Special 10 Raises ATK parameter limits to 130000
20 Adds HP restoration when attacking effect to BB
20 Adds damage taken boosts BB gauge effect (4-7 BC) for 3 turns to SBB
30 Enhances LS's ATK, DEF, REC boost relative to remaining HP effect (+40%)
30 Adds status ailment negation for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB
30 Enhances SBB's damage boost against status afflicted foes effect (+40%)
30 Adds chance to resist 1 KO attack to SBB (15%)
How to Obtain

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