This afternoon I tried to get the Rex Type through Mystery Frogs, which is possible until June 29 2017 because of the 3rd Year Anniversary.

I wanted to get Rex for Chimerical Prince Amadeus, my Unit of Choice, because I expect his (confirmed) OE to be seriously amazing.

The result:

(Anima) --> Lord --> Oracle --> Lord --> Oracle --> Oracle --> Lord --> Lord --> Guardian --> Guardian --> Oracle --> Guardian --> Lord --> Guardian --> Oracle --> Anima --> Oracle --> Breaker --> Lord --> Lord --> Guardian --> Guardian --> Oracle

So, Types obtained through a total of 22 Mystery Frogs:

Anima: 1

Breaker: 1

Lord: 7

Guardian: 6

Oracle: 7

Rex: 0

Is this just my luck, is the Mystery Frog supposed to be called the Troll Frog, or is Rex Type just that rare?

Tell me your thoughts/experiences in the comments!

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