Each unit has a type that is randomly assigned. A Unit's type can be confirmed on their Details screen. The unit type affects how its parameters increase when leveling up. Therefore, similar Units may differ in their final stats depending on their type. For example, a max-leveled Breaker-type unit will have more ATK and less DEF compared to all other types for the same, max-leveled unit.

The % range increase/decrease is random, so units of the same type may not progress at the same rate. For example, two max-leveled Anima-type units will probably have different HP stats, as one might get more HP per level up than the other during the course of leveling up. 4★ and rarer units will see striking differences, where the random differences over so many levels adds up. For example, one Anima-type (increased HP and reduced REC) Level 80 Steel Shield Darvan may have over 5846 HP, while another Level 80 Anima-type Steel Shield Darvan may only have 5830 HP.

Lord-types are always consistent and the stats do not randomly deviate by a %.

Unit Type Change

Luckily for EU players, we can change unit types at wish. This is possible thanks to the Mystery Frog, that will give a random type to the unit you fuse it to! NOTE: Fusing a mystery frog will reset the unit level to 1 and it's also possible that the type won't change at all!

However this isn't the only possible way to change type, in fact there is a very small chance that the Unit Type will change when being evolved. For example, a Malnaplis can change from Anima to Oracle when evolving to Felneus.

Unit Type List


Icon displayed on the unit

Effects on Stat Progression
Lord All stats grow from base stats and do not deviate by a certain %.
Anima HP gain increased by a certain %, while REC gain is reduced by a certain %.
Breaker ATK gain increased by a certain %, while DEF gain is reduced by a certain %
Guardian DEF gain increased by a certain %, while ATK gain is reduced by a certain %
Oracle REC gain increased by a certain %, while HP gain is reduced by a certain %

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