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No Name​
800 Unit ills thum 10235 Flare Goddess Seria
801 Unit ills thum 10016 Flame Legend Vargas
802 Unit ills thum 20016 Ice Legend Selena
803 Unit ills thum 30016 Earth Legend Lance
804 Unit ills thum 40016 Thunder Legend Eze
805 Unit ills thum 50016 Light Legend Atro
806 Unit ills thum 60016 Dark Legend Magress
807 Unit ills thum 10354 Fire Mecha God
808 Unit ills thum 20344 Water Mecha God
809 Unit ills thum 30334 Earth Mecha God
810 Unit ills thum 40334 Thunder Mecha God
811 Unit ills thum 50394 Light Mecha God
812 Unit ills thum 60344 Dark Mecha God
813 Unit ills thum 10313 Burst Emperor
814 Unit ills thum 50612 Almighty Imp Arton
815 Unit ills thum 10583 Gilded Armor Vanberk
816 Unit ills thum 10584 Blaze Armor Vanberk
817 Unit ills thum 10585 Pyre Aegis Vanberk
818 Unit ills thum 20553 Alchemist Rigness
819 Unit ills thum 20554 Synthesizer Rigness
820 Unit ills thum 20555 Magnum Opus Rigness
821 Unit ills thum 30543 Floret Petal Rosetta
822 Unit ills thum 30544 Floret Queen Rosetta
823 Unit ills thum 30545 Jewel Floret Rosetta
824 Unit ills thum 40523 Dragoon Elder Bargus
825 Unit ills thum 40524 Dragoon Lord Bargus
826 Unit ills thum 40525 Dragoon Soul Bargus
827 Unit ills thum 50643 Priestess Elmedia
828 Unit ills thum 50644 High Priestess Elmedia
829 Unit ills thum 50645 Holy Priestess Elmedia
830 Unit ills thum 60643 Dark Blades Zergel
831 Unit ills thum 60644 Penta Blade Zergel
832 Unit ills thum 60645 Blade Master Zergel
837 Unit ills thum 60325 Twilight God Grahdens
838 Unit ills thum 60435 Zevalhua the Supreme
839 Unit ills thum 10145 Imperial Smith Galant
840 Unit ills thum 20145 Arctic Rose Stya
841 Unit ills thum 30145 Dahlia Fist Nemia
842 Unit ills thum 40145 Storm Roundhouse Zeln
843 Unit ills thum 50145 Courageous Heart Alma
844 Unit ills thum 60155 Shadow Chakra Oboro
845 Unit ills thum 50444 Eriole
846 Unit ills thum 50445 Winged Lord Eriole
847 Unit ills thum 30393 Lin
848 Unit ills thum 30394 Logistics Support Lin
849 Unit ills thum 40235 Storm Goddess Paris
850 Unit ills thum 10594 Scorching Alpha
851 Unit ills thum 10595 Smoldering King Alpha
852 Unit ills thum 10596 Brimstone Emperor Alpha
853 Unit ills thum 20564 Piercing Tazer
854 Unit ills thum 20565 Aqua Slash Tazer
855 Unit ills thum 20566 Cyclone Emperor Tazer
856 Unit ills thum 30554 Thorned Tora
857 Unit ills thum 30555 Vine Queen Tora
858 Unit ills thum 30556 Rose Empress Tora
859 Unit ills thum 40534 Admonition Kanon
860 Unit ills thum 40535 Righteous King Kanon
861 Unit ills thum 40536 Heavenly Emperor Kanon
862 Unit ills thum 50654 Larking Kira
863 Unit ills thum 50655 Cavorting King Kira
864 Unit ills thum 50656 Frolic Emperor Kira
865 Unit ills thum 60664 Misfortune Feeva
866 Unit ills thum 60665 Devastation Queen Feeva
867 Unit ills thum 60666 Cataclysm Empress Feeva
868 Unit ills thum 10245 Passion Sibyl Freya
869 Unit ills thum 20245 Sorrow Sibyl Eliza
870 Unit ills thum 30245 Beauty Sibyl Paula
871 Unit ills thum 40245 Echo Sibyl Zele
872 Unit ills thum 50265 Radiance Sibyl Sola
873 Unit ills thum 60245 Eclipse Sibyl Madia
874 Unit ills thum 10295 Scorching Sword Reed
875 Unit ills thum 20295 Mystical Talon Rhein
876 Unit ills thum 30295 Supreme Lawmaker Aneil
877 Unit ills thum 40295 Lightning Speed Lucana
878 Unit ills thum 50325 Sacred Armor Nevsky
879 Unit ills thum 60295 Twin Dragons Eru
880 Unit ills thum 50166 Angelic Blades Sefia
881 Unit ills thum 60176 Demonic Idol Kikuri
882 Unit ills thum 30235 Quake God Lugina
883 Unit ills thum 10604 Burning Pike Claire
884 Unit ills thum 10605 Volcanic Pike Claire
885 Unit ills thum 10606 Magma Twin-Pike Claire
886 Unit ills thum 20574 Frozen Blade Colt
887 Unit ills thum 20575 Arctic Blade Colt
888 Unit ills thum 20576 Glacier Twin-Blade Colt
889 Unit ills thum 30564 Beryl Edge Quaid
890 Unit ills thum 30565 Valiant Edge Quaid
891 Unit ills thum 30566 Sylvan Excalibur Quaid
892 Unit ills thum 40544 Voltage Cutlass Diana
893 Unit ills thum 40545 Rumbling Cutlass Diana
894 Unit ills thum 40546 Thunderbird Sabre Diana
895 Unit ills thum 50664 Noble Sage Fadahl
896 Unit ills thum 50665 Sage King Fadahl
897 Unit ills thum 50666 Radiant Virtue Fadahl
898 Unit ills thum 60674 Void Pearl Ivris
899 Unit ills thum 60675 Nebula Pearl Ivris
900 Unit ills thum 60676 Galactic Treasure Ivris
Data issue with Elise
Data issue with Informant Elise
Data issue with Sera
Data issue with Icicle Lance Raydn
Data issue with Colossal Vars
Data issue with Gilded Dogma Rina
Data issue with Effulgent Dusk Grahdens
Data issue with Moon Sovereign Alicia
Data issue with Lunar Queen Alicia
Data issue with Selene Empress Alicia
Data issue with Noble Ember Mirfah
Data issue with Sacred Emperor Sirius
Data issue with Dark Oracle Knight Ark
Data issue with Dark Oracle Knight Ark (Guest)
Data issue with Knight of Holy Light Ark
Data issue with Green Fang Daze
Data issue with Emerald Tusk Daze
Data issue with Roaring Beast Zekt
Data issue with Howling Wolf Zekt
Data issue with Cerulean Knight Stein
Data issue with Sapphire Noble Stein
Data issue with Phoenix Thunder Rayla
Data issue with Bennu Edge Rayla
Data issue with Decay Demon Melord
Data issue with Sage God Melord
Data issue with Heresy Demon Kalon
Data issue with Dark Destruction Kalon
Data issue with Wicked Warrior Shura
Data issue with Heavenly Rift Shura
Data issue with Emerald Knight Hisui
Data issue with Heavenly Spiral Hisui
Data issue with Parch Misfit Malef
Data issue with Torch Eccentric Malef
Data issue with Ocean Slasher Holia
Data issue with Torrential Scar Holia
Data issue with False Demon Lauda
Data issue with Ideal Subject Lauda
Data issue with Eternal Radiance Rize
Data issue with Chivalrous Thief Zelnite
Data issue with Cursed Princess Rozalia
Data issue with Wind Princess Rozalia
Data issue with Thunder Knight Fizz
Data issue with Flashing Thief Fizz
Data issue with Wicked Sorcerer Gregor
Data issue with Treasure Demon Gregor
Data issue with Azure Princess Mariela
Data issue with Dragon Mother Mariela
Data issue with Lion Demon Viktor
Data issue with Roaring Thunder Viktor
Data issue with Azure King Garrel
Data issue with Brave Emperor Garrel
Data issue with Torturous Grief Zellha
Data issue with Administrator Sera
Data issue with Dragon Warrior Lyonesse
Data issue with Blazing Dragon Lyonesse
Data issue with Wild Edge Serge
Data issue with Silva Khopesh Serge
Data issue with Lion Princess Sonia
Data issue with Roaring Empress Sonia
Data issue with Jade Commander Gyras
Data issue with Victorious General Gyras
Data issue with Dawn Emperor Agress
Data issue with Supreme Emperor Agress
Data issue with Ignis Vestae Lava
Data issue with Mech Beauty Gwenevere
Data issue with Enhanced Being Gwenevere
Data issue with Benimaru Nikaido (Dream)
Data issue with Athena Asamiya (Dream)
Data issue with Leona (7★)
Data issue with Leona (Dream)
Data issue with Kula Diamond (Dream)
Data issue with Mai Shiranui (Dream)
Data issue with Captin Sesir
Data issue with Peacekeeper Sesir
Data issue with Nirto Grog Jake
Data issue with Nitro Warlord Jake
Data issue with Cursed Fei
Data issue with Blighted Fei
Data issue with Execrated Fei
Data issue with Huntress Fang
Data issue with Heroine Fang
Data issue with Fei and Fang
Data issue with Empyrean Juno-Seto
Data issue with Void Pasha Ensa-Taya
Data issue with Terry Bogard (Dream)
Data issue with Iori Yagami (Dream)

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