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No Name​
610 Unit ills thum 10463 Bodyguard Darvanshel
611 Unit ills thum 10464 Protector Darvanshel
612 Unit ills thum 10465 Guardian Darvanshel
613 Unit ills thum 20453 Dark Axe Mariudeth
614 Unit ills thum 20454 Axe King Mariudeth
615 Unit ills thum 20455 Axe God Mariudeth
616 Unit ills thum 30443 Great Thief Zelnite
617 Unit ills thum 30444 Noble Thief Zelnite
618 Unit ills thum 30445 Thief God Zelnite
619 Unit ills thum 40443 Thunder Beast Ahvel
620 Unit ills thum 40444 Thunder God Esna
621 Unit ills thum 40445 Beast God Exvehl
622 Unit ills thum 50483 Dark Angel Azael
623 Unit ills thum 50484 Wisdom Angel Azael
624 Unit ills thum 50485 Seraph Azael
625 Unit ills thum 60493 Dictator Lilly Matah
626 Unit ills thum 60494 Empress Lilly Matah
627 Unit ills thum 60495 Tyrant Lilly Matah
628 Unit ills thum 50134 Golden God
629 Unit ills thum 10261 Bozdell
630 Unit ills thum 10262 King Bozdell
631 Unit ills thum 20261 Calamity Fish Deenan
632 Unit ills thum 20262 Ghoul Fish Pilaf
633 Unit ills thum 30261 Grove Fairy Tinpall
634 Unit ills thum 30262 Woodland Fairy Finia
635 Unit ills thum 40261 Cockatrice
636 Unit ills thum 40262 Catoblepas
639 Unit ills thum 60261 Dark Spider
640 Unit ills thum 60262 Arachna
641 Unit ills thum 50563 Deemo and the Girl (4★, Light)
642 Unit ills thum 50564 Deemo and the Girl (5★, Light)
643 Unit ills thum 10293 Sword Emperor Reed
644 Unit ills thum 10294 Sword God Reed
645 Unit ills thum 20293 Talon King Rhein
646 Unit ills thum 20294 Talon God Rhein
647 Unit ills thum 30293 Lawful Warrior Aneil
648 Unit ills thum 30294 Lawful God Aneil
649 Unit ills thum 40293 Fast Princess Lucana
650 Unit ills thum 40294 Fast God Lucana
651 Unit ills thum 50323 Heavy Guard Nevsky
652 Unit ills thum 50324 Heavy God Nevsky
653 Unit ills thum 60293 Dual Blade Eru
654 Unit ills thum 60294 Dual Blade God Eru
655 Unit ills thum 10493 Emperor Orwen
656 Unit ills thum 10494 Divine Emperor Orwen
657 Unit ills thum 10495 God Emperor Orwen
658 Unit ills thum 20473 Prince Arius
659 Unit ills thum 20474 Divine Prince Arius
660 Unit ills thum 20475 Ice God Arius
661 Unit ills thum 30463 Flora Princess Faris
662 Unit ills thum 30464 Flora Queen Faris
663 Unit ills thum 30465 Flora Goddess Faris
664 Unit ills thum 40463 Lead Engineer Garnan
665 Unit ills thum 40464 Head Engineer Garnan
666 Unit ills thum 40465 God Engineer Garnan
667 Unit ills thum 50503 Brave Legend Hogar
668 Unit ills thum 50504 Brave King Hogar
669 Unit ills thum 50505 Brave God Hogar
670 Unit ills thum 60523 Inferno Elza
671 Unit ills thum 60524 Inferno Queen Elza
672 Unit ills thum 60525 Inferno Goddess Elza
675 Unit ills thum 60543 Disciple Zurg
676 Unit ills thum 60544 God of Decay Zurg
677 Unit ills thum 00000 Unreleased
678 Unit ills thum 00000 Unreleased
679 Unit ills thum 00000 Unreleased
680 Unit ills thum 00000 Unreleased
681 Unit ills thum 10503 Fire Witch Ulkina
682 Unit ills thum 10504 Fire Dragoon Ulkina
683 Unit ills thum 10505 Fire Goddess Ulkina
684 Unit ills thum 20483 Aquamancer Kuhla
685 Unit ills thum 20484 Aqua Ruler Kuhla
686 Unit ills thum 20485 Aqua Goddess Kuhla
687 Unit ills thum 30473 Forest Guardian Tia
688 Unit ills thum 30474 Divine Guardian Tia
689 Unit ills thum 30475 Guardian Goddess Tia
690 Unit ills thum 40473 Bolt Gun Rowgen
691 Unit ills thum 40474 Thunder Gun Rowgen
692 Unit ills thum 40475 Lightning Gun Rowgen
693 Unit ills thum 50513 Mad Knight Narza
694 Unit ills thum 50514 Mad King Narza
695 Unit ills thum 50515 Mad God Narza
696 Unit ills thum 60533 Assassin Kuda
697 Unit ills thum 60534 Loyal Assassin Kuda
698 Unit ills thum 60535 Master Assassin Kuda
699 Unit ills thum 10073 Ragnaberus
700 Unit ills thum 20073 Lotan
Data issue with Elise
Data issue with Informant Elise
Data issue with Sera
Data issue with Icicle Lance Raydn
Data issue with Colossal Vars
Data issue with Gilded Dogma Rina
Data issue with Effulgent Dusk Grahdens
Data issue with Moon Sovereign Alicia
Data issue with Lunar Queen Alicia
Data issue with Selene Empress Alicia
Data issue with Noble Ember Mirfah
Data issue with Sacred Emperor Sirius
Data issue with Dark Oracle Knight Ark
Data issue with Dark Oracle Knight Ark (Guest)
Data issue with Knight of Holy Light Ark
Data issue with Green Fang Daze
Data issue with Emerald Tusk Daze
Data issue with Roaring Beast Zekt
Data issue with Howling Wolf Zekt
Data issue with Cerulean Knight Stein
Data issue with Sapphire Noble Stein
Data issue with Phoenix Thunder Rayla
Data issue with Bennu Edge Rayla
Data issue with Decay Demon Melord
Data issue with Sage God Melord
Data issue with Heresy Demon Kalon
Data issue with Dark Destruction Kalon
Data issue with Wicked Warrior Shura
Data issue with Heavenly Rift Shura
Data issue with Emerald Knight Hisui
Data issue with Heavenly Spiral Hisui
Data issue with Parch Misfit Malef
Data issue with Torch Eccentric Malef
Data issue with Ocean Slasher Holia
Data issue with Torrential Scar Holia
Data issue with False Demon Lauda
Data issue with Ideal Subject Lauda
Data issue with Eternal Radiance Rize
Data issue with Chivalrous Thief Zelnite
Data issue with Cursed Princess Rozalia
Data issue with Wind Princess Rozalia
Data issue with Thunder Knight Fizz
Data issue with Flashing Thief Fizz
Data issue with Wicked Sorcerer Gregor
Data issue with Treasure Demon Gregor
Data issue with Azure Princess Mariela
Data issue with Dragon Mother Mariela
Data issue with Lion Demon Viktor
Data issue with Roaring Thunder Viktor
Data issue with Azure King Garrel
Data issue with Brave Emperor Garrel
Data issue with Torturous Grief Zellha
Data issue with Administrator Sera
Data issue with Dragon Warrior Lyonesse
Data issue with Blazing Dragon Lyonesse
Data issue with Wild Edge Serge
Data issue with Silva Khopesh Serge
Data issue with Lion Princess Sonia
Data issue with Roaring Empress Sonia
Data issue with Jade Commander Gyras
Data issue with Victorious General Gyras
Data issue with Dawn Emperor Agress
Data issue with Supreme Emperor Agress
Data issue with Ignis Vestae Lava
Data issue with Mech Beauty Gwenevere
Data issue with Enhanced Being Gwenevere
Data issue with Benimaru Nikaido (Dream)
Data issue with Athena Asamiya (Dream)
Data issue with Leona (7★)
Data issue with Leona (Dream)
Data issue with Kula Diamond (Dream)
Data issue with Mai Shiranui (Dream)
Data issue with Captin Sesir
Data issue with Peacekeeper Sesir
Data issue with Nirto Grog Jake
Data issue with Nitro Warlord Jake
Data issue with Cursed Fei
Data issue with Blighted Fei
Data issue with Execrated Fei
Data issue with Huntress Fang
Data issue with Heroine Fang
Data issue with Fei and Fang
Data issue with Empyrean Juno-Seto
Data issue with Void Pasha Ensa-Taya
Data issue with Terry Bogard (Dream)
Data issue with Iori Yagami (Dream)

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