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No Name​
400 Unit ills thum 50264 Ray Sibyl Sola
401 Unit ills thum 60243 Madia
402 Unit ills thum 60244 Night Sibyl Madia
415 Unit ills thum 10273 Homusubi
416 Unit ills thum 10274 Kagutsuchi
417 Unit ills thum 20273 Ice Keep Copra
418 Unit ills thum 20274 Ice Tower Tesla
419 Unit ills thum 30273 Golem
420 Unit ills thum 30274 Great Golem
421 Unit ills thum 40273 Sky Angel Kushra
422 Unit ills thum 40274 Rebel Angel Elsel
423 Unit ills thum 50303 White Lebra
424 Unit ills thum 50304 Lubradine
425 Unit ills thum 60273 Half Blood Lira
426 Unit ills thum 60274 Magistra Lira
427 Unit ills thum 50253 Tilith
428 Unit ills thum 50254 Goddess Tilith
429 Unit ills thum 10344 Fire Crystal
430 Unit ills thum 20334 Water Crystal
431 Unit ills thum 30324 Earth Crystal
432 Unit ills thum 40324 Thunder Crystal
433 Unit ills thum 50364 Light Crystal
434 Unit ills thum 60334 Dark Crystal
435 Unit ills thum 10144 Smith Lord Galant
436 Unit ills thum 20144 Mother Snow Stya
437 Unit ills thum 30144 Quake Fist Nemia
438 Unit ills thum 40144 Thunder Punt Zeln
439 Unit ills thum 50144 Brave Hero Alma
440 Unit ills thum 60154 Red Shadow Oboro
441 Unit ills thum 10125 Sacred Flame Lava
442 Unit ills thum 20125 Sea King Mega
443 Unit ills thum 30125 Holy Arms Douglas
444 Unit ills thum 40125 Holy Shock Emilia
445 Unit ills thum 50115 Holy Guard Will
446 Unit ills thum 60115 Hell Keep Alice
447 Unit ills thum 10333 Red Slash Farlon
448 Unit ills thum 10334 Red Blade Farlon
449 Unit ills thum 20323 Snow Cub Signas
450 Unit ills thum 20324 Snow Lion Signas
451 Unit ills thum 30313 Havoc Girl Luly
452 Unit ills thum 30314 Havoc Queen Luly
453 Unit ills thum 40313 Gold Warrior Rina
454 Unit ills thum 40314 Gold Knight Rina
455 Unit ills thum 50383 Horseman Sodis
456 Unit ills thum 50384 Cavalryman Sodis
457 Unit ills thum 60313 Dark Charm Lunaris
458 Unit ills thum 60314 Dark Curse Lunaris
459 Unit ills thum 10181 Hermit Talos
460 Unit ills thum 10182 Mountaineer Talos
461 Unit ills thum 20181 Black Rose Elize
462 Unit ills thum 20182 Frozen Rose Elize
463 Unit ills thum 30181 Poet Elton
464 Unit ills thum 30182 Bard Elton
465 Unit ills thum 40181 Wild Cat Parmi
466 Unit ills thum 40182 Thunder Cat Parmi
467 Unit ills thum 50181 Shrine Girl Amul
468 Unit ills thum 50182 Holy Maiden Amul
469 Unit ills thum 60191 Gambler Zeul
470 Unit ills thum 60192 High Roller Zeul
471 Unit ills thum 10155 Ace Chef Lancia
472 Unit ills thum 20155 Wise Mage Elimo
473 Unit ills thum 30155 Pixy Lord Leore
474 Unit ills thum 40155 Tesla Club Elulu
475 Unit ills thum 50155 Ultra Blade Aem
476 Unit ills thum 60165 Soul Vortex Lemia
477 Unit ills thum 10165 Taskmaster Lorand
478 Unit ills thum 20165 Ice Master Dean
479 Unit ills thum 30165 Gaia Armor Edea
480 Unit ills thum 40165 Heaven's Bow Loch
481 Unit ills thum 60224 Metal Mimic
482 Unit ills thum 10215 Drake Angel Aisha
483 Unit ills thum 20215 Twin Arms Rickel
484 Unit ills thum 30215 Gaians Il & Mina
485 Unit ills thum 40215 Heaven's Bolt Amy
486 Unit ills thum 50165 Holy Blades Sefia
487 Unit ills thum 60175 Death Idol Kikuri
488 Unit ills thum 10275 Bordebegia
489 Unit ills thum 20275 Ice Fortress Oulu
490 Unit ills thum 30275 Gravion
491 Unit ills thum 40275 Havoc Angel Ronel
492 Unit ills thum 50305 Leorone
493 Unit ills thum 60275 God Eater Lira
494 Unit ills thum 10335 Red Swordsman Farlon
495 Unit ills thum 20325 Snow Queen Signas
496 Unit ills thum 30315 Havoc God Luly
497 Unit ills thum 40315 Gold Queen Rina
498 Unit ills thum 50385 Guardian Chief Sodis
499 Unit ills thum 60315 Black Lotus Lunaris
500 Unit ills thum 10363 Fire Step Ramna
Data issue with Elise
Data issue with Informant Elise
Data issue with Sera
Data issue with Icicle Lance Raydn
Data issue with Colossal Vars
Data issue with Gilded Dogma Rina
Data issue with Effulgent Dusk Grahdens
Data issue with Moon Sovereign Alicia
Data issue with Lunar Queen Alicia
Data issue with Selene Empress Alicia
Data issue with Noble Ember Mirfah
Data issue with Sacred Emperor Sirius
Data issue with Dark Oracle Knight Ark
Data issue with Dark Oracle Knight Ark (Guest)
Data issue with Knight of Holy Light Ark
Data issue with Green Fang Daze
Data issue with Emerald Tusk Daze
Data issue with Roaring Beast Zekt
Data issue with Howling Wolf Zekt
Data issue with Cerulean Knight Stein
Data issue with Sapphire Noble Stein
Data issue with Phoenix Thunder Rayla
Data issue with Bennu Edge Rayla
Data issue with Decay Demon Melord
Data issue with Sage God Melord
Data issue with Heresy Demon Kalon
Data issue with Dark Destruction Kalon
Data issue with Wicked Warrior Shura
Data issue with Heavenly Rift Shura
Data issue with Emerald Knight Hisui
Data issue with Heavenly Spiral Hisui
Data issue with Parch Misfit Malef
Data issue with Torch Eccentric Malef
Data issue with Ocean Slasher Holia
Data issue with Torrential Scar Holia
Data issue with False Demon Lauda
Data issue with Ideal Subject Lauda
Data issue with Eternal Radiance Rize
Data issue with Chivalrous Thief Zelnite
Data issue with Cursed Princess Rozalia
Data issue with Wind Princess Rozalia
Data issue with Thunder Knight Fizz
Data issue with Flashing Thief Fizz
Data issue with Wicked Sorcerer Gregor
Data issue with Treasure Demon Gregor
Data issue with Azure Princess Mariela
Data issue with Dragon Mother Mariela
Data issue with Lion Demon Viktor
Data issue with Roaring Thunder Viktor
Data issue with Azure King Garrel
Data issue with Brave Emperor Garrel
Data issue with Torturous Grief Zellha
Data issue with Administrator Sera
Data issue with Dragon Warrior Lyonesse
Data issue with Blazing Dragon Lyonesse
Data issue with Wild Edge Serge
Data issue with Silva Khopesh Serge
Data issue with Lion Princess Sonia
Data issue with Roaring Empress Sonia
Data issue with Jade Commander Gyras
Data issue with Victorious General Gyras
Data issue with Dawn Emperor Agress
Data issue with Supreme Emperor Agress
Data issue with Ignis Vestae Lava
Data issue with Mech Beauty Gwenevere
Data issue with Enhanced Being Gwenevere
Data issue with Benimaru Nikaido (Dream)
Data issue with Athena Asamiya (Dream)
Data issue with Leona (7★)
Data issue with Leona (Dream)
Data issue with Kula Diamond (Dream)
Data issue with Mai Shiranui (Dream)
Data issue with Captin Sesir
Data issue with Peacekeeper Sesir
Data issue with Nirto Grog Jake
Data issue with Nitro Warlord Jake
Data issue with Cursed Fei
Data issue with Blighted Fei
Data issue with Execrated Fei
Data issue with Huntress Fang
Data issue with Heroine Fang
Data issue with Fei and Fang
Data issue with Empyrean Juno-Seto
Data issue with Void Pasha Ensa-Taya
Data issue with Terry Bogard (Dream)
Data issue with Iori Yagami (Dream)

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