Techtonic Ruler Cobalt
Unit No. 7205
Data ID 760237
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender male Male
Rarity Phantom icon Dream
Max Lv. 150
Cost 48
Arena Type 1
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 16
BB 24 27Battle crystal icon
SBB 27 28Battle crystal icon
(55Battle crystal icon total)
UBB 27 30Battle crystal icon
Drop Check/Modifier
Normal 48Icon dc(3Icon dc/hit)
BB 24Icon dc(1Icon dc) 370%
SBB 27Icon dc(1Icon dc) 580%
UBB 27Icon dc(1Icon dc) 1500%

Unit ills thum 760237
Unit ills full 760237

Unit ills anime 760237

"Techs are the power of the world, but any additional strength is welcome."

"I’ve had enough with orders. The Bad Lands will be mine!"

Animation Gallery

Unit Lore:
Cobalt has always obeyed Coal Cauldron and the orders that he received. But Coal feared that Cobalt would betray him, since his firepower depended largely on him. Cobalt could have easily assembled a coup using the Techs to create weapons rather than supply them to Coal. Taking control of Coal’s band would have been child’s play for him since Cobalt knew very well that Crash Belt wasn’t completely faithful to Coal. And with his help, victory would have been assured.
Base 6,725 2,486 2,323 2,150
Lord 8,204 3,046 2,834 2,623
Anima 9,329 3,046 2,834 2,323
Breaker 8,204 3,346 2,534 2,623
Guardian 8,204 2,746 3,134 2,623
Oracle 7,754 3,046 2,834 3,073
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 1,500
Unit ills thum 10452 600
Unit ills thum 20442 600
Unit ills thum 30432 600
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Leader Skill: Scavenger Lord
Boosts all parameters (40%) & damage reduction (20%) for 2 turns when damage taken has exceeded certain amount (5000) & Spark damage boosts BB gauge (2-3 BC) & negates elemental damage and status ailment
Extra Skill: Spin to Win
[Requirement(s): Drill Sharpener]
Boosts DEF (50%) & when Drill Sharpener is equipped, adds Spark damage boosts BB gauge (2-3 BC) and restores HP (500-600) for 3 turns to BB/SBB
Brave Burst: Mineral Resilience
24 combo Dark attack on all foes & boosts DEF and REC (170%) for 3 turns & boosts max HP (20%) & restores HP & activates Dark barrier (3500 HP)
Super BB: Rotative Onslaught
27 combo Dark attack on all foes & boosts DEF (120%) and REC (80%) for Thunder and Dark units for 3 turns & negates ATK, DEF, REC reductions for 2 turns & boosts OD gauge (10%)
Ultimate BB: Piercing Tempest
27 combo Dark attack on all foes (damage relative to remaining HP) & boosts max HP (35%) & damage reduction (100%) for 2 turns & boosts ATK relative to HP (60%), Spark damage (300%) and adds probable Spark critical (50% chance, 120% damage) for 3 turns
Frame Data (click to view)
Animation Frame Data
Move Idle Attack
8 96 148
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed 0.0033 0.0033
Speed Type 3 3
Move Type Moving Moving
Effect Delay
Normal Attack
Frames 0
Distribution (%) 0

Category SP Required Skill Description
Paramater Boost 20 Boosts all parameters (20%)
10 Boosts DEF and HP (20%)
BB Gauge 10 Damage taken boosts BB Gauge (2-3 BC)
Special 10 Adds boost DEF and REC (170%) for 3 turns to SBB
10 Enhances Leader Skill all parameters boost (+10%)
20 Adds Dark Barrier (3500 HP) effect to SBB
20 Adds HP restoration for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB
30 Enhances BB/UBB's boost to max HP effect (+5%)
50 Adds damage reduction (50%) for 2 turns to BB/SBB
Chain Unit ills thum 760236 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 760237
Prev Cost Unit ills thum 60344 Unit ills thum 60344 Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 60123 Unit ills thum 60123 Unit ills thum 60224 Unit ills thum 60224
Zell thum3,000,000 Zel
Karma thum1,000,000 Karma
Next Cost n/a
How to Obtain

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