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Summoners' Research Lab | Frontier Hunter

Navi chara12 0

My mock Units are powerful, don't you think? Feel free to give up. I'll accept your challenge at any time!


The Summoners' Research Lab is a place where you can test your units against the powerful Mock Units that Noel creates.

The player must be at least Level 80 to access the Summoners' Research Lab.


Trials cost 50 energy to attempt. When you first arrive, only Trial 001 will be available to you. No other trials will be available to you until the previous trial is completed. Gems cannot be used to revive should you fail in your attempts to complete a trial.

As of Feb 25, 2015, Trials can be redone at the cost of 0 energy.


You will be rewarded with either the boss unit faced or an exclusive sphere as well as Gems, EXP and Zel if you managed to defeat them for the first time. Subsequent victories won't award anything.

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