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In battle, units are capable of inflicting negative debuffs on the enemy, and the enemy can do the same to a player's units. Unlike basic status aliments, units are also capable of gaining positive buffs to the units and so do the enemies. There is currently only 1 item that can remove these negative debuffs and keep a player's party in top shape, while they are a variety of buffing items available. Buffs and debuffs do not carry over between battles.

General Buffs and Debuffs

Icon(s) Buff Notes
File:Parameter boost icon.png A/Certain parameter(s) increase(s)/decrease(s) by a certain amount The maximum cap for each stat is at 99,999
Crit rate up Critical hit rate increases Critical hit rate starts from base 10%, the cap is at 70%
Gradual heal Gradually restores HP
Hc rate up Boosts Heart Crystal (HC) drop rate
Bc rate up Boosts Battle Crystal (BC) drop rate
Item rate up Boosts Item drop rate
Angel idol Adds resistance towards 1 KO attack

File:Param boost fire.png File:Param boost water.png File:Param boost earth.png File:Param boost thunder.png File:Param boost light.png File:Param boost dark.png

A/Certain parameter(s) increase(s) by a certain amount based on the specified element
File:Reduce element atk.png Reduces elemental damage
File:Resist ailment.png Status ailment(s) negated
Gradual bb rec Gradually increases BB gauge
File:Bb atked.png BB gauge fills when damage taken
File:Def ignore.png Ignores enemy's Def
Hitup Normal hit count increases
File:Bb atk up.png BB Atk increases
File:Dot icon.png Additional attack at end's turn
File:Overdrive.png Overdrive is unleashed When Overdrive is unleashed, you have 3 turns to activate UBB, if failed, the Overdrive and UBB Gauge resets.
File:Add status atk1.pngFile:Add status atk2.png Adds status ailments to attack
File:Atkdefrec down.png Reduces Atk, Def, and/or Rec by own condition caused
File:Raid dmg reduc.png Def increases in Raid Battle, activated by Def Crystal
File:Raid atkdefrec.png
File:Spark hcbcitem.png Boost to BC, HC, and/or Item drop rate on Spark
File:Spark dmg.png Spark damage increases
File:Add element atk.png Adds element(s) to attack
File:Ele Weak.png Boosts Elemental Weakness damage
File:Dmg reduc.png Reduces damage taken
File:Damage reflect.png Reflects damage taken
File:Angel idol proc.png Probable resistance against 1 KO attack
File:Hc down.pngFile:Bc down.png BC and/or HC drop rate decreases
File:Spark vulnerability.png Inflicts spark vulnerability, causing more Spark damage when attacked
File:Bb atk down.png BB Atk decreases
File:Ailment attack up.png Boosts damage against status afflicted foes
File:Barrier.png Adds elemental barrier Cannot be buff-removed
File:Bb fill spark.png BB gauge fills on Spark
File:Bb up guard.png BB gauge fills on Guard
File:Dmg reduc guard.png Further damage reduction on Guard
File:Bb fill rate down.png BB gauge fill rate decreases
File:Atkdefrec down negation.png Negates Atk/Def/Rec reduction effect
File:Self atkdefrec.pngFile:Selfish buff2.png These are buffs that boost to self only, these buffs can be stacked with the other regular buffs
File:OD gauge rateup.png Boost to OD gauge fill rate
File:Sparkcrit.png Upon dealing Spark, critical damage may occur Also known as Spark critical
File:Heal atked.png Damage taken my heal HP
File:Drain hp.png Damage dealt heals HP
File:Spark heal hp.png Spark damage heals HP
File:Convert buff.png Atk/Def/Rec buffs that boosts relative to a certain parameter. Can be stacked with other regular buffs
File:Buff ubb icon.png Shows when a UBB buff is used. UBB effects can stack with the same effects from BB/SBB.

File:Param down fire.png File:Param down water.png File:Param down earth.png File:Param down thunder.png File:Param down light.png File:Param down dark.png

A/Certain parameter(s) decrease(s) by a certain amount based on the specified element Buff does not exist yet
File:Enemy attention.png
  • ON - Increases chance of getting targeted
  • OFF - Decreases chance of getting targeted
Buff does not exist yet
File:Attack twice.png Attacks for 2 turns in a row Buff does not exist yet
File:Param boost spark.png Parameter boosts on Spark Buff does not exist yet
File:Parameter up guard.png Parameter boosts on Guard Buff does not exist yet
File:Atkdefrec on spark.png Atk, Def, and/or Rec boosts on Spark Buff does not exist yet
File:Crit on spark.png Critical hit rate boosts on Spark Buff does not exist yet
File:Crit reduc.png Critical damage reduction Buff does not exist yet
File:Eleweak reduc.png Elemental weakness damage reduction Buff does not exist yet
File:Sparkdmg reduc.png Spark damage reduction Buff does not exist yet
File:Normal to aoe.png Normal attack hits all foes Buff does not exist yet

Other buffs:

  • Max HP boost
    • Boosts max HP. Max HP boost is different from other buffs - it only takes the highest max HP buff regardless whether it is from BB/SBB or UBB. It cannot be stacked.

Status Ailments

Abnormal stateFile:Battle bad icon.png

  • Poison - Reduces HP by 10% of the max HP at the end of the turn
  • Weakness - Def decreases
  • Sickness - Rec decreases
  • Injury - Atk decreases
  • Curse - BB gauge stops filling and prevention of using BB
  • Paralysis - Immobilized for a few turns

Items related to buffs and debuffs

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