Grief Eye
Item thum 705
Item Lore:
Long ago, wars of a large scale took place in the region of Agni, where the ancient Agni Empire once stood. This crystal can be found in the ruins of those ancient battlegrounds. There are those who simply believe it to be an ore, but scholars refute this by claiming that it does not normally occur in nature. According to legend, the fearless Agni soldiers that fell on those grounds left their taste for blood behind, which then caused their grudge to crystalize into a black substance.
A black crystal that can be uncovered in old battlegrounds.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Agni - Agni Empire - Guiding Light: Lorand
  • Agni - Agniria Coast - The Ice that Binds: Dean
  • Agni - Granasta Plain - To Sacrifice One's Body: Edea
  • Agni - Thunder Summit Navara - Time to Vanquish: Mare
  • Agni - King's Tomb - Tombstone of Light: Mare
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - Pillars of Green: Mina
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - The Red Gate: Aisha
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - The Golden Hall: Amy
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - The Blue Hallway: Rickel
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - The White Altar: Sefia
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - The Black Candelabrum: Kikuri
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - Trespasser into the Mind: Mare

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