Crypt Fang
Item full 605
Item Lore:
A fang from Dregamus, a massive demon locked away in a prison deep within a gorge where the sun never shines. Nothing is known of where this prison is or even who made it. However, one prominent theory is that this prison was created to hold ethereal "things," and it is said that Dregamus was among them.
A fang from a demon locked away in a prison in the abyss.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 5 3 Dragon Ring 5

How to Obtain
  • Encervis - Elsta Crater - Death and Rebirth: Vargas
  • Encervis - Elsta Crater - The Black Flame Warrior: Lava
  • Encervis - Lake Adela - The Ice Cold Warrior: Selena
  • Encervis - Lake Adela - The Ocean Master: Mega
  • Encervis - Castle Avenia - World Tree and the Savior: Lance
  • Encervis - Castle Avenia - Deception of the Spirit World: Douglas
  • Encervis - Gadillian Ravine - Thunderous Nemesis: Eze
  • Encervis - Gadillian Ravine - Noble War Hero: Emilia
  • Encervis - Alman Mausoleum - Blade of the Victor: Atro
  • Encervis - Alman Mausoleum - Where the Light Shines: Will
  • Encervis - Land of the Dead - Wicked Hostility: Magress
  • Encervis - Land of the Dead - The Skies Above: Alice

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