• Greetingz

    Sup peeps, looking for some active people to add. Resulting in hopefully lots of gifts being send.  Username: Greeting ID: 57020289 Unit: Dark Parth Arthur (+1) / Type; Anima. Spheres; Apex Sword & Excalibur.

    I'll look forward to some naice peeps :D 

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  • AdsmeGames

    I've noticed that nearly everything (units and 'other' - including legend stones) has disappeared from the merit points reward store. The first time I've noticed this is when I went there to pick up a Miracle Totem to evolve my Cleria, but it wasn't there (1/1/18 @ around 20:00).

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  • YeBoiFrancis

    Loving The Game

    September 22, 2017 by YeBoiFrancis

    Just started playing this game and I love it. I like the style of the game and the gameplay.

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  • Quackvogel

    Restore Account

    September 13, 2017 by Quackvogel

    My phone just gave up and I can't restart it. I do have a restoration code but I have used it once, is it in any way possible to use the code again?

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  • Quackvogel

    3rd Arc

    September 10, 2017 by Quackvogel

    Does anyone know the exact date or have a rough estimation of when we will get the Summoner's Story arc? I'd be incredibly grateful for answers.

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  • Quackvogel

    I have been so hyped to play this trial since I heard Htilit could be gained from that trial but the trial isn't there for me.

    I have already tried to refresh the game and even reinstalled the whole thing and still no trials pop up in the strategy zone. I'd be incredibly grateful if someone could inform me about the requirements to play this trial since I am positive that this isn't caused by a glitch.

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  • TheXenoRay

    Mystery Frogs

    June 2, 2017 by TheXenoRay

    This afternoon I tried to get the Rex Type through Mystery Frogs, which is possible until June 29 2017 because of the 3rd Year Anniversary.

    I wanted to get Rex for Chimerical Prince Amadeus, my Unit of Choice, because I expect his (confirmed) OE to be seriously amazing.

    The result:

    (Anima) --> Lord --> Oracle --> Lord --> Oracle --> Oracle --> Lord --> Lord --> Guardian --> Guardian --> Oracle --> Guardian --> Lord --> Guardian --> Oracle --> Anima --> Oracle --> Breaker --> Lord --> Lord --> Guardian --> Guardian --> Oracle

    So, Types obtained through a total of 22 Mystery Frogs:

    Anima: 1

    Breaker: 1

    Lord: 7

    Guardian: 6

    Oracle: 7

    Rex: 0

    EDIT 16-07-2017: in the end, still not Rex Type, even though I have fused about 40 more Mystery Frogs to him up to and…

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  • Jamaka2001

    This is a showcase of future units.

    • NOTE - Starting now, any comments with stats of units not yet here will be deleted.
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  • Minachio

    Im lucky today

    June 12, 2016 by Minachio

    I was lucky today spent 25 gems + 1 summon card and got 6x Zodiacs and there was 50% chance to get 1 so it was not 100% sure so im pretty  amazed.

    havent been this lucky in a while :)

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  • DJJ31

    normal hit: 12

    DC: 3

    LS: 80% boost to ATK, chance of inflicting a random status ailment when attacking (20% injury, sickness, weakness. 10% poison, curse, paralysis) & probable status aiment counter (20% chance)

    ES: Adds boosts damage against status afflicted foes (140%) effect to BB/SBB

    BB: 14 combo Dark attack on all foes (320% BB damage modifier), Chance of inflicting a random status ailment (65% each), adds chance to inflict random status ailments to attack (15% injury, sickness, weakness. 10% poison, curse, paralysis) & boosts elemental weakness damage (by 75%) for 3 turns 

    SBB: 18 combo powerful Dark attack on all foes (480% BB damage modifier), high chance of inflicting a random status ailment (75% each), adds probable status ailment cou…

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