Thunder Summit Navara
Element Thunder
Element Thunder
Quests / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rares  captures
Time to Vanquish 15 11 4,100 273.33
Unit ills thum 60483 


Boss Battle:

Mare: Hmph. You're more stubborn than I anticipated. Well then, I shall test your strength

  • Mare has the following BBs:
    • Poison Embrace -- Poisons some/all of your units. No damage will be received.
    • Dimension X -- AOE BB on all units. Mare can spam this BB. Can cause Curse.
  • Mare cannot be captured at this stage.
Unit ills thum 40133 
Unit ills thum 40191 
Unit ills thum 40132 
Blades of Lightning 14 10 3,900 278.57
Unit ills thum 40104 
Unit ills thum 40213 


Unit ills thum 40133 
Pulverizing Combo 13 10 3,700 284.62
Unit ills thum 40123 
Unit ills thum 40154 


Unit ills thum 40133 
Unit ills thum 40062 
Accumulation of Lightning 12 9 3,500 291.67 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 40013 
Unit ills thum 40024 


  • Room 5 midboss monsters contain 2x Gorgon & Djin
  • General Weiss starts using Thunder's Order BB at 50% HP at random turns. He also gets an ATK buff at 50% HP.
  • Thunder King Eze can use AoE BB and cause Injury.
Unit ills thum 40133 
Sound of Destruction 12 9 3,300 275
Unit ills thum 40093 
Unit ills thum 40112 


Unit ills thum 40133 

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